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1610 Island Hwy, View Royal, British Columbia V9B 1H8, Canada
I Want to Be ...

Drop In indoor playground Play & Sensory Centre

About Us

Jeannet Jeque Founder

My name is Jeannet Jeque and a proud wife and mother to 10 children in a blended family. This is a Labour of love and an absolute dream come true for me. Three years ago this adventure never crossed my mind but after 1.5 yrs of research and planning I am so happy to introduce I want to be... to our community here in Victoria .

I  worked as a special education teacher, a position I was passionate to work. A major accident occurred and forced me to rework my life and finally managed to pursue my passion  of working with children in this new capacity. My husband has been very instrumental through out the whole decision making process and  to building this  wonderful space called I want to be...  where children are loving to be in. I am passionate about learning, child-play and building community. It takes a village to raise a child..... my goal is to provide another avenue for children to learn, grow  and be supported by our community. 

Thank you very much 


I want to be role play and sensory center

We are a unique indoor play center in Victoria bc for children, ages 1 to 10. At I want to be..... we wanted to add value to what is already  in our community, something different and fun. 

We offer other services to the community including hosting birthday parties and special events for families and children alike . We serve Victoria and all the sorrounding areas.

The size of the facility makes it possible to have all these services and more in the coming future. We have different stations, a water table, construction  zone, car collection table with track ,a tot zone with hands on toys and music instruments, baby wash station, house, a barn, hospital, theatre and dress up room , a multi use  room for activities like movie nights, a giant sandbox with an attached mud kitchen,  an augmented reality box with white sand. a sitting area and a party hosting section, a café and snack bar. A toy store section is coming soon.

 Imaginative role play fosters creativity and is an  important component for  growth and development in all children.

I want to be..... is a space that invites and encourages multi age play and a community hub for parents and care givers to come together and connect.

We invite all private and public daycares to come and check us out. We also invite  child focussed therapy groups to use our facility for some of there  services. 

I want to inviting local artisans to display there work to the local market in our soon to be constructed toy store.

The future is bright for our community and we thank all our supporters and the entire community in making this a reality.

Our goal is to maintain affordable pricing for our services.

mission statement

I want to be.. our commitment is to build community one child at a time. Our service  to the community is to create an environment where caregivers and children can interact and leave happy and content.

Learn together, play together.