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1610 Island Hwy, View Royal, British Columbia V9B 1H8, Canada
I Want to Be ...

Drop In indoor playground Play & Sensory Centre

addmission policy

drop in and play

  1. Every parent or caregiver will sign a waiver before entry into the play area.
  2. No shoes allowed in the play area. indoor shoes and socks are permitted in the play area. No socks permitted inside the sand box station.
  3. Parents or caregivers will stay and supervise their child/children until play time  is over.
  4. I Want To  nut free environment. In order to keep the area clean and safe from allergens, there is a designated food area.
  5. We encourage regular hand washing when in the play centre to prevent germs from spreading.
  6. We take sanitation serious, our toys and play stations are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis to ensure safety and prevention of germs from your little ones. 
  7. We encourage day cares big or small to let us ahead of time when they will be coming to visit the centre. So that we can make any necessary arrangements to accommodate your time.

Food and Beverages

I Want To Be... allows outside food and drink. As parents we understand how parents and caregivers try to meet the needs of there little ones at the same time having the need to have their comfort foods in hand.

There is a designated food area and we do carry our own light snacks that are available for purchase. 

We try to keep our prices affordable.

Alcohol is not permitted in any shape or form within the centre. We have the right to ask any patron with alcohol to exit the premises immediately for the safety of the children.


The centre is equipped with an interconnected fire alarm system. We have two exit door for emergencies. We have a fire extinguisher  and a safety plan on site. 

We carry first aid supplies on site for light emergencies. Any serious cases will be directed to the nearest hospital for more support. We encourage parents and caregivers to let us of any medical needs that a child may have that may affect there time in the play area.

A note to parents and caregivers, I want To Be...encourages special needs children to visit the center for a chance to have equal play.